lodge crest 2

Elgin & Bruce lodge no 1077


Syllabus 2017

Regular meetings tyle at 19.30. All other meetings and event will be stated otherwise. The lodge meet between September to April.




14th March: Second Degree, Progression Candidate.

28th March: lodge st John 35, visiting to conducting an second degree


11th April: Visiting Wardens Degree, Second Degree.

14th April: Specail Third Degree, 1700 tyle.

25th April: Mark Degree.


summer recese, Start back in September.



12th Sep: TBC

26th Sep: TBC


10th Oct:  TBC

24th Oct:  TBC

31th Oct:  3 Lodge meeting, housted at Lodge Oak 877


14th Nov:  TBC

30th Nov:  Installation, festival of st Johns


12th Dec:  TBC